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We have had many different changes of instruments in our time; I remember when we first began to sing together, I was using a Hofner President which is still in the family and Joe was using his Egmond Jumbo with a pick-up.  We quickly earned enough to buy Joe an Antoria copy of a Gibson 330.  Then we saved up enough to buy a similar one for me, in fact an identical one.  On our first few gigs we were both playing through my Watkins Dominator (17 watts of unbridled power!) which I still own.  We did an audition show where Dave Baron was the "paid act" and he felt sorry for us so allowed us to use his Vox AC30 with Top Boost.  Pretty soon we bought one and used it for several years, both guitars being amplified through it.  

We had been gigging for about 12 years before we lashed out on a P.A. System.  We bought a Carlsbro PA60, a valve amp head that was (and still is) pretty heavy and put our two shure unidyne mics through it. 

Some time later we graduated to two black Antoria Telecasters which served us well for a few years before we bought two Gibson L.P. Firebrand guitars from D&D Group Gear on Broughton Road in Salford.  I still have mine but these days when we perform we usually play our superb Martin guitars.  Soon after we bought the Gibsons we bought identical guitar amps and I can't remember what they were, maybe Peavey.  They were smaller, lighter and easier to carry than the Vox. Because we look fairly similar (both have beards and specs) it seemed to make sense for us to play identical instruments whenever we appeared as "Me and Our Kid".   

I bought my Martin D28 guitar round about 1974 and absolutely loved it.  I bought it from A1 Repairs on Oxford Road in Manchester who had just become the first agent authorised to sell Martin Guitars in Manchester and had the whole range.  I tried every guitar in the shop and settled on the D28.  Unfortunately it was stolen from my house about twenty years later.  I was able to buy another guitar from the insurance pay out and this time when I went (to Sounds Acoustic on Chester Road) I again tried all the guitars in the shop and settled on my D35 which I consider to be the best acoustic guitar I have ever played, and I have played hundreds.

I also own some other instruments including a decent Japanese 5 string banjo, an acoustic piano, a Roland KF-7 keyboard, 20 guitars in all, an alto sax, a clarinet, a harp, a violin, sitar and a number of other instruments. One day I hope to find time to play all my instruments.