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Pete Martin and Joe Martin also know as Me & Our Kid,  welcome you to our site.

We became me and our kid in 1952 when Joe Martin was born, Pete Martin having been born some four years earlier. Then about 16 years later we started working as a guitar/vocal, close harmony duo. We had to have a name and dismissed many that were even worse than the one we chose (including The Martwins - yea - horrendous eh!) and eventually settled on Me and Our Kid.

We played a few pubs but mostly worked in the usual clubs, working mens clubs, sports clubs, Masonics, cabaret etc. We had great fun and earned a few bob at the same time. Now we mostly sing at family gatherings and charity shows - still singing the same stuff. We do mostly sixties songs from acts like The Everly Brothers, The Beatles, Lindisfarne and that kind of stuff. Mostly we like to sing close harmony songs, with or without guitars.

Although Me & Our Kid still perform occasionally I am now half of a Comedy?Folk duo called Hanky Park.

We sang at a wedding in Reading on Friday August 24. It was the wedding of Joe's Brother-in-Law and we had to learn a new (to us) song - Stairway to Heaven, which happened to be the bridegrooms favourite song, ever. Thankfully we did it near the end of the night when everybody, especially the groom, was pretty well oiled.

Thanks for visiting.